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LedEdit 2021 Software

Configure the T-1000S & Other SD card RGB LED pixel controller. 

We bring you the newest version of LedEdit software for 2021. What's new? Fixed lots of small bugs, improved SWF effects editor and improved support for Madrix. 

What is LedEdit? 

LedEdit is a software to create LED lighting effects and SD card programs. 

You can control your Pixel Led in any way you like. This software works with the most popular controllers:

 * T-1000 Series * T-8000 Series * K-1000-C  * T-400K * T-500K * T-600K-D * T-700K * T-780K * K-1000 Series * K-8000 Series  

LedEdit is a great program, but its effects features are very limited, especially in version 2014. 

If you use LedEdit 2014 or other version we recommend our SWF animations that will let you create even better programs! 

An alternative to LedEdit? 

Currently there is no alternative to this software on the market. It is developed by a company making controllers and uses its own protocol!

 Download Link:

New version LedEdit v7.3 Download HERE!

Posted in led software on Mar 21, 2021.

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