Pixel LED Animator - Create Effects For LED Software

Create Pixel LED Effects with this SOFTWARE!

Create Video Animations with

With Pixel Led Animator you can easily create video effects & animation for Led Edit Software & More

Works with every pixel led software that accept video file input .GIF

Use Pixel Led Animator with Led Edit Software

Pixel Led Effects for Led Edit Software

With our software you can create animations for Led Edit, 

animations of led bars, animations of pictures and more!

Our Software works with all versions from Led Edit 2014 to Led Edit 2021.

You can generate unlimited effects and expand your Led Edit Effects library.


Color Animations

Create led effects and colorful animations in multiple forms for led panels, strips and more! Select from multiple animation types.

Image Animation

Animated pictures! Choose one of 2000 from the library included in the program or use your own image or logo.

Text Animation 

Animated text works great on led panels for easy communication with customers! Font, size, color, background color and animation.

Get your License now & create effects for LedEdit 2014, LedEdit 2021 & other LED Software that accepts video file input!

Create an infinite number of effects! Choose from over 2500 emoji, standard effects, algorithms, transitions, effects specifically for led stripes and much more!


Check out this video to learn about the capabilities of Pixel Led Animator and how to use it! In this tutorial we will show you how to create Led Effects and import them into Led Edit! Check also our blog for pixel led effects tutorials!

Posted in led software, tutorials on Sep 08, 2021.

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